Title of film: Mother Ocean (Trailer)



Mother Ocean is a film documenting one man’s quest to protect Mozambique’s waters and in so doing, the livelihoods of the communities that depend upon them. In a follow up to the widely acclaimed shark finning documentary Shiver, we join Carlos Macuacua on his remarkable journey of discovery as he reveals the reasons drivers behind the dramatic decline in Mozambique’s iconic manta ray and whale shark populations.


In an effort to uncover the truth, and to find solutions to the recovery of these species, Carlos leaves no stone unturned. His action-packed investigation sees him travel from the dizzy heights of a microlight to the bottom of the sea, where he witnesses both the beauty of the marine environment and the unsustainable practices that are threatening the delicate balance of the ocean that so many Mozambicans depend on.


With stunning visuals and a beautiful, thought provoking story, Mother Ocean seeks to inspire both local and international audiences, raise awareness and encourage real change before these incredible animals are gone forever. The film will be released in June 2015 and it will be in Bitonga (Mozambican local dialect) and Portuguese, with English subtitles. To learn more about the film and the project go to:




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Director, Producer, Director of Photography as well as sharing the editing and writing roles.




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Save Our Seas


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