Title of film: BBC Indian Ocean With Simon Reeve: Shark Finning Segment Mozambique



In this epic 6-part TV series, Simon travelled around the edge of the Indian Ocean. Starting his journey in South Africa, Simon headed up the east coast of Africa, around India and back down the western coast of Indonesia to Australia. The extraordinary adventure took Simon to 16 countries, as he braved the horrors of Mogadishu in Somalia, perhaps the most dangerous place on the planet, and travelled on to the beautiful Maldives, Mauritius and the Seychelles.


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Cameraman, Fixer



BBC Indian Ocean Series

Chris Scarffe filmed underwater for me on a shoot for a BBC series called Indian Ocean with Simon Reeve. Chris’s experience and professionalism shone through - we were able to get some very powerful and technically-sound footage without any issues. On top of that he was very personable and a pleasure to work with.


Andrew Carter Director of BBC Indian Ocean Series



Radio Times - Documentary of the Week: “Epic…capturing big issues in chatty encounters. Reeve’s winning combination of a broad smile and enough journalistic edge to cut through tourist clichés makes for a great watch that also educates us”


Daily Telegraph: "compelling and sometimes uncomfortable television...digging deep beneath the white-sand beaches and swaying palm trees to come up with all sorts of gems and muck"


Mail on Sunday: "You won't lack for breathtaking beauty in Reeve's new series, but this is far more than just another bloodless travelogue... Reeve also fearlessly explores troubled war zones and crime-ridden urban areas along the way




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