Chris Scarffe is an independent environmental filmmaker, specialising in the fields of wildlife, conservation and education. With over 10 years of creative experience, Chris works with broadcasters and charitable organisations around the world to produce beautiful, powerful and captivating material for a broad range of environmental issues.



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    February 2019

    The film 'Living with the Ocean' that Chris worked on for the Thompson Reuters Foundation last year has won the 2019 International Ocean Film Festival, Coastal Culture Award.


    February 2019

    The Netflix series 'Larry Charles' Dangerous World of Comedy' that Chris worked on last year as a researcher has been released.


    January/February 2019

    Chris has been in Asia carrying out pre-production for a new series he is directing and co-producing on wildlife tourism. The first episode will begin filming later this year. February


    December 2018

    Chris has been filming for a BBC Natural World Production on octopus as an underwater, land and aerial camera operator and local producer for a new show featuring the work of Dr. David Scheel. The show will come out in 2019.


    December 2018

    Chris has been filming for a new BBC series called 'Red List'.


    December 2018

    Chris's photographs have featured in an educational article in 'National Geographic's Kids' Magazine about the work of Dr. Ruth Leeney and her quest to save the critically endangered sawfish.


    November 2018

    Chris has been filming for a new BBC series called 'Islands'.


    November 2018

    The TV advert for Diamonds Resorts that Chris filmed for has been released.


    November 2018

    Some of Chris's photos have featured in the 'Cousteau Kids' Magazine article on sawfish and the work of Dr. Ruth Leeney.


    October/November 2018

    Chris has been filming and photographing for Masoala Forest Lodge and got to see his first aye-aye in the lodges private reserve :).


    August/September 2018

    Chris has been in the Maldives filming and directing a documentary on whale shark tourism.


    July 2018

    Chris has been photographing in Lokobe National Park as part of a wildlife wide angle macro project he is working on.


    September 2018

    Chris Scarffe Film & Photography has been working with Marine Conservation Biologist Jess Williams and the Marine Research Foundation to help conduct interviews, collect data and document the illegal trade in sea turtles in Madagascar.


    October 2018

    Chris has been filming for a TV Advert in the Maldives for Diamonds Resorts.


    October 2018

    Chris co-produced and filmed with Gene Michael Bradley a short interview with Patrice Jaofara, an 80-year-old Malagasy fisherman whose story tells of the dramatic decline of sawfish populations over his life time.  The film was produced for the Save Our Seas Foundation and Protect Africa’s Sawfishes for International Sawfish Day.


    14th June

    Chris will spend the next few days filming for a BBC show documenting the work of a scientist studying octopus in Madagascar.


    1st June 2017

    Screenings of the film Chris produced called Saving Mozambique’s Sawfish have just started in Mozambique as part of a broader educational campaign to protect sawfish in the country.


    29th May 2018

    The Thomson Reuters Foundation have released the film Living With The Oceans that Chris worked on earlier this year as an Associate Producer. It investigates the state of fisheries in Madagascar.


    25th May 2018

    Chris is heading off into the field to film for a PBS project on the genetic lineage of crocodiles.


    April 2018

    Chris has been filming a pilot for a documentary that will give a voice to fishermen and women worldwide.


    August 7th 2017

    Of Sharks & Men is a documentary Chris produced for Blue Ventures which looks into shark fisheries in Madagascar and the impacts of a declining fishery on local fishing communities.


    October 2017

    Chris spent an incredible few days away filming and photographing for promotional shots for Kayak Safaris Madagascar.


    October-December 2017

    Chris is currently working as a local producer and camera operator on a major documentary on the illegal pet trade.


    January-March 2018

    Chris is working as a DOP and field producer for a documentary for The Discovery Channel’s Shark Week on the reduction of shark bycatch.


    February 2018

    Saving Madagascar’s Sawfish - a short educational film for a local audience that Chris produced on conserving sawfish populations in Madagascar - has been released. The film was produced in French (with English subtitles), Official Malagasy and the local Sakalava dialect.


    4-7th July 2017

    Chris has just finished shooting for a documentary, which is attempting to create the worlds best chocolate bar.


    22nd June 2017

    Chris has been working as a researcher for the African segment of a new Netflix documentary.


    16th June

    Some of Chris's footage of the amazing wildlife of Madagascar will be featuring in a new Discovery documentary coming out later this year.


    1st June 2017

    Chris's photos have just featured in an article written by Dr Ruth Leeney about her work with sawfish. The article is found in the most recent edition of the Save Our Seas Magazine


    April- May 2017

    Chris has returned from a film and photography trip in Asia. He spent most of his time underwater in the stunning dive destinations of Komodo National Park and the Derawan Island group. In addition to this he spent time investigating a story on wildlife trafficking he is currently developing.


    1st March - 14th March 2017

    Chris has been working on the final edit of an educational film on lemurs for Planet Madagascar.


    26th-27th February 2017

    Chris spent a few days interviewing the staff of Durrell and filming the ploughshare tortoises at their breeding centre. Unfortunately this species is being pushed towards extinction by the escalating illegal pet trade in this species.


    20-25th February 2017

    Chris has just returned from Ankarafantsika National Park where he filmed the last few shots for an educational film on lemurs for the NGO Planet Madagascar.


    18th January 2017

    Protect Africa’s Sawfish released three short films today that Chris produced. The films document the work of Dr Ruth Leeney as she searches for sawfish in Madagascar and Mozambique.


    8th December 2016

    Chris filmed and produced Saving Mozambique’s Sawfish a short educational film, which launched today. The film is for a Mozambican audience and is available in Portuguese as well as local Mozambican dialects and English.


    30th November 2016

    Fish & Trips the fifth episode of Hamilton’s Pharmacopeia was launched today on VICELAND. This episode deals with the search for the legendary dream fish to see whether stories of its hallucinogenic properties have any basis in science. Chris worked on this series as a producer and camera operator in Madagascar & Reunion.


    21st October 2016

    Hamilton's Pharmacopeia first season on Viceland was released today: The story of the South African Quaalude. Chris worked on this series as a field producer and camera operator.


    17th October 2016

    The film Chris produced for Blue Ventures on a community led blue carbon mangrove project has just been nominated for the Charity Film Of The Year Award.


    14th October 2016

    Chris has just returned from the south of Madagascar where he investigated the rise in the illegal pet and bush meat trade in critically endangered tortoise species and documented the opening of a new rescue centre for them.


    19th August 2016

    Chris is going back into the field in Madagascar for the next week to hopefully track down and film the elusive and critically endangered sawfish with Dr Ruth Leeney.


    18th August 2016

    Chris has just finished filming for another show for Viceland in Reunion and Madagascar. The episode for Hamilton's Pharmacopeia will air later this year.


    20th July 2016

    Chris's shark finning footage in Mozambique aired today on Sky News for a program on alternative shark barriers.


    5th July 2016

    Chris has just started preproduction for another show on Viceland called Hamilton's Pharmacopeia, which is all about hallucinogenic fish!


    17th June 2016

    Watch the trailer for Black Market with Michael K Williams which was launched today.


    12th -14th June

    Chris has just returned from an aerial video and photography trip documenting some of the stunning islands and dramatic coastline of Madagascar.


    5th June 2016

    Chris is back in Madagascar where he will be continuing to document the work of Dr. Ruth Leeney in her quest to track down a sustainable population of the critically endangered sawfish.


    May 15th 2016

    Viceland announces the July 5th launch of the new Black Market TV series presented by Michael K Williams. Chris worked as a producer on this series to uncover the illegal abalone trade in South Africa.


    10th May 2016

    The film that Chris produced for Blue Ventures on mangrove conservation has won the award for Best Film at the IWC8 Film Festival:


    8th May 2016

    Chris is working with scientist Dr. Ruth Leeney to search for the last populations of sawfish in Africa. This educational film will be coming out later this year.


    5th May 2016

    Chris has just finished filming for another project for Vice which looked in to the illegal wildlife trade.


    28th March 2016

    I'm really pleased to hear that Juliette won the 2016 Whitley Award. for her work with Durrell to conserve the Critically Endangered side-necked turtle in Madagascar. The awards ceremony also featured a short film narrated by David Attenborough, which featured some of Chris's footage showcasing Juliette's work and the beauty and threats to this unique island.


    27th March

    Chris is filming for a number of environmental and wildlife projects in Madagascar for the next month.


    22nd -25th March

    Chris is back in Cape Town to start preproduction for a new show for Viceland. More details to follow shortly…


    20th March

    Chris has just invested in two new broadcast 4k cameras - a Sony FS7 and a Sony A7sii - as well as a Ronin M and a Kessler second shooter for even smoother shots. He will be posting some of the results on his Facebook page and website shortly.


    Feb 12th - March 16th

    Chris has just spent a fantastic month in Borneo working with Scubazoo filming for a range of projects that included pangolin release, a rescue centre for orphaned elephants and orang-utans and the creation of an alternative to shark fin soup.


    August 15th 2015

    Pre-production begins for the Vice TV’s new Black Market episode on the abalone trade which Chris is working on as a producer.


    7th-11th September:

    The Tahiry Honko film that Chris recently made for Blue Ventures - which showcases how carbon is being used to catalyse community mangrove management in Madagascar - is being shown at the World Forestry Congress in Durban, South Africa this week. Over 1,700 delegates from governments, NGOs, private companies, academia and forestry societies will be attending the congress.


    September 8th-20th 2015

    Shooting begins for Vice TV’s Black Market episode on the abalone trade, with Chris working as a producer. Presented by Michael K. Williams of the Wire, Board Walk Empire and Twelve Years a Slave fame, Michael gains unparalleled access to show how this lucrative illegal trade works.


    September 20th 2015

    Emmy Awards night. The Vice on HBO series that Chris worked on as a producer and camera operator is up for an Emmy for Outstanding Informational Series or Special.  And the winner is… Not us! Congratulations to Anthony Bourdian Parts Unknown and thanks to all the team at Vice on HBO.


    29th September- Nov 3rd 2015

    Chris returns to Madagascar to investigate new stories and to film for two separate projects on lemur conservation for Planet Madagascar and Durrell.


    12th August 2015

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    July 16th

    Emmy nomination for the Vice on HBO series Chris worked on as a field producer and camera operator.



    3rd July 2015

    Planet Madagascar’s Indiegogo campaign for Chris Scarffe to produce an educational film on protecting lemurs and their habitat reaches its funding goal. Thanks to all of you that helped with donations and sharing on social media.



    29th June 2015

    Read Chris’s latest blog on his work in Ankarafantsika National Park in Madagascar for Planet Madagascar.



    26th June 2015

    Tahiry Honko a film produced by Chris Scarffe for Blue Ventures about Madagascar’s first mangrove carbon project premieres at the Monaco Blue Initiative.


    15th June 2015

    Chris is heading to Lake Alaotra in Madagascar today, to start filming a series of documentaries for Durrell on preserving this unique marshland area for the benefit of local communities and the unique wildlife species that live there.


    14th June 2015

    Planet Madagascar reaches 65% of its Indiegogo crowd-funding project target for an educational film to be produced by Chris Scarffe on protecting lemurs and their habitat in Ankarafantsika National Park, Madagascar.


    12th June 2015

    Today, Chris gave a talk about conservation and his work as an environmental filmmaker to the inspirational Mr. Grabowski and his Grade 8 Science and Math students.


    8th June 2015

    As part of World Oceans Day celebrations, Chris releases a short film called Voice For The Voiceless, which shows both the beauty of the marine world as well as the threats facing it.


    8th June 2015

    Chris conducted a Q&A session with Philippa Ehrlich from Save Our Seas for World Oceans Day about his role in producing the educational documentary Mother Ocean.


    8th June 2015

    Mother Ocean is screened on World Oceans Day to accompany a talk given by Bitonga Divers and Ocean Revolution Mozambique at the American Cultural Centre in Mozambique.


    5th June 2015

    Mother Ocean is screened today as part of the Marine Megafauna Foundations "Saving Ocean Giants from Extinction" exhibition at the Natural History Museum in Mozambique.


    10th May 2015

    Planet Madagascar launches its Indiegogo crowd-funding project for an educational film to be produced by Chris Scarffe on protecting lemurs and their habitat in Ankarafantsika National Park, Madagascar.


    7th May 2015

    Whilst filming for Vice on HBO in Madagascar we were joined on the remote Barren Isles archipelago by the Blue Ventures team, as they photographed the islands for Google Street View. It’s great to see the results of their hard work released today.


    17th March 2015

    Chris is currently producing a film for Blue Ventures about a community-led mangrove carbon project in remote southwest Madagascar.


    12th March 2015

    Watch the trailer for season 3 of the Emmy Award winning Vice on HBO series. Chris was involved as both a cameraman and field producer for the oceans segment shot in Madagascar, Tanzania & South Africa.


    1st March- April 11th

    Chris is currently in Madagascar to produce a film for Blue Ventures about a community-led mangrove carbon project. Chris will be carrying out postproduction work in Madagascar as well as researching a number of other environmental projects.


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